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Team Health, Anonymous Surveys, and Data

I’m often asked a series of questions related to managing team health, creating realistic schedules, the need for crunch time, how to “squeeze an extra 20%” out of an already efficient team, and so on. Here I explain what we … Continue reading

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Aaaaaand … ChefVille is Live

About a month ago, we had an Unleashed event featuring ChefVille. Our game is now live, you can find it at Here are a few articles about the game. – ChefVille: All about the food, its ingredients and … Continue reading

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ChefVille Unleashed

For the past few months I’ve been working on a game called ChefVille, announced today at Zynga Unleashed.  It’s nice to have the game announced publicly so I can say a little more about it going forward. ChefVille has a … Continue reading

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Hidden Chronicles

Today Zynga launched a new game called Hidden Chronicles.  Hidden Chronicles is a “hidden object” game in which you search for all the objects hidden within an illustration presented on the game screen (like the one to the right).  It … Continue reading

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Technical Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha is a fun presentation format, bound in both content and time (20 slides of 20 seconds each – about 7 minutes long).  At NetApp we employed a similar format for “outrageous opinion” talks in engineering which I really … Continue reading

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Scoping for 90%

I’ve been working at Zynga since early 2010.  One of the challenges of running an online game (like Café World, on which I’ve spent most of my time) involves releasing new features on a regular, predictable cadence. As a result, … Continue reading

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I recently wrote about several of my favorite books on software and team productivity. Peopleware is a classic book on team building, productive and “jelled” teams, individual and team productivity, and work place environment. It is thought-provoking and should be … Continue reading

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Three Good Books

I’ve been working on the Cafe World team at Zynga for just over a year now.  It’s a great ride – we have an energetic and talented team who have built a wonderful game. Zynga executes software projects in highly … Continue reading

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Zynga recently launched its latest game title CityVille.  It is described as “Monopoly meets Main Street” – it’s a city building and management game.  So far the game is growing even faster than FrontierVille, as reported in TechCrunch. You can … Continue reading

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