I’m Baaaack

open-signIn a fit of egomania, I’ve realized that without my voice being heard, the world is but an empty shell. 

So I’ve decided to continue blogging.

Well, not exactly.

When I worked for NetApp, I authored a blog with the title Simple Steve.  I wrote about design simplicity, work place issues, and other assorted topics.  Once in a while I included a cartoon, often copied from the whiteboard in our hallway.

Once in a while recently a topic has arisen and I thought

Ah – I wrote an article about that!

And I would forward a link to one of my blog articles.

That worked ok for a while, but recently (and somewhat understandably) NetApp purged my blog articles

I thought I’d get started re-creating some of the useful articles, and making some new ones.

So here goes.


(Thanks for reading – Steve Klinkner)

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