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Future Home Of …

People keep bugging me to retell funny stories. At my previous employer NetApp® (Network Appliance), funny things would often happen around April 1 each year (surprise!). The year 2002 was not a particularly happy one in silicon valley.  Following years … Continue reading

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Computer Science for Parents

I was discussing recently with friends that it would be amusing to create a computer science reference for parents. So for those of you out there who know something about computers and babies, I offer a few definitions. critical section … Continue reading

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Oddball Questions, Part 2

Here is my part 2 follow up from Oddball Questions Part 1. These are my responses to the Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions from Glassdoor, presented in Snappy Answers format. Snappy Answers 13-25 13. “Name 5 uses of a stapler … Continue reading

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Oddball Questions, Part 1

When I was a kid, I loved Mad Magazine, and read it a lot (And from an early age! What were my parents thinking?!?) One item I really enjoyed was Al Jaffee’s Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, and those come … Continue reading

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Wizards and Dwarves

I wrote about interview puzzle questions recently to set the context for this article. A few years back, a colleague asked me to ponder a Wizards and Dwarves puzzle as a potential interview question.  A typical statement goes something like … Continue reading

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