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New Pedals

My Dahon-D7 originally came with the standard Suntour folding pedals.  One of them went bad on me recently.  The pedal was making crunching noises and wasn’t rotating properly – not good!  Apparently a ball bearing crumbled.  Reading online reviews, it … Continue reading

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Dahon Number Three

There should be a Dahon “Frequent Buyers’ Club.”  I’d be a member, somewhat reluctantly. Due to some unwise choices parking my bicycles outside, I’ve had two stolen in the past 18 months.  As a result, I’m on my 3rd Dahon … Continue reading

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Rainy Season

Not everyone realizes it, but in Northern California we have warm sunny summers but cool wet winters.  I started commuting this year by bike, and needed to pick up some foul weather wear to make the trip bearable in the … Continue reading

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Dahon Speed D7 Folding Bike

Recently I started a job which requires me to commute to work via BART.  BART has its own rules regarding bicycles on the trains, which meant that I needed to get a folding bike in order to commute through downtown … Continue reading

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