About Me

My name is Steve Klinkner.

I am a software professional living in the San Francisco Bay area.  I’ve held past positions at Bell Labs, AT&T Labs, and NetApp (Network Appliance).

At NetApp, I authored the popular Simple Steve blog for about two years (I left in  2010 and NetApp has since purged the archives).

I’m currently working at the social gaming company Zynga.

Most of my career has been spent in various forms of client-server computing.  I’ve devoted a lot of time to analyzing complicated work flows and making them simpler.  At Zynga, I’ve spent my time managing a series of engineering teams.

You can also find me on LinkedIn and Facebook.

4 Responses to About Me

  1. Philippa Horne says:

    Hey Steve,
    So nice to see you have a blog again. I always enjoyed your NetApp blog and was sorry to see that they took it down. I look forward to following this one now that I found it!
    Philippa Horne

  2. Arvind Purohit says:

    Hey Steve

    Nice to see you blogging/cooking. Hope to keep in touch once in a while.

  3. Deborah Coffey says:

    Hi Steve. I just found you through a Pecha Kucha web investigation. Your tips are helpful. I live in Bangkok Thailand and want to put something together here. It’s tricky, but it might work. Reminds me my San Francisco performing arts days back in the 80′s. You may or may not have been alive then. Anyway the Pecha Kucha format is so interesting. Creatives and academics easily get caught up in tyring to do it right.Bangkok is very young in terms of contemporary art and academics in general. This is interesting. If you have any ideas, would love to keep a chat. I left my email and I’ll try t get back to your blog if I can find it again. Cheers… Deborah

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